Class Descriptions

The following descriptions detail each type of class offered by Amp Dance Family during the fall and spring semesters. Any additional questions about class styles or offerings may be directed via email to

Creative Movement (ages 3-5 yrs)
This class is the perfect intro to dance for our littlest movers! Students will learn the basics of dance and have a great time dancing to their favorite music. Dancers must be fully potty-trained. 

Pre-Ballet/Pre-Tap (ages 5-6 yrs)
Students in this class focus on basic ballet and tap techniques. Although not required, it is recommended that the student have taken Creative Movement or have previous dance experience. 

Ballet (options for 1st grade – adult)
Ballet classes typically warm up at the barre to start class. On the floor, students practice essential ballet technique while learning correct ballet terminology and strengthening their muscles to improve. 

Tap (options for 1st grade – adult)
This percussive dance style requires specific shoes so that dancers can make various rhythmic sounds with their feet. Students will learn correct terminology and technique across a range of tap styles. 

Jazz/Hip Hop (options for 1st grade – middle school)
This class is a combination of both jazz and hip hop style and technique. It teaches the fundamentals of jazz technique as an important building block for hip hop, while incorporating the loose, fun style of hip hop throughout. 

Jazz (options for high school and adult)
Students focus on the style and technique of all forms of jazz dance in this class. This dance style first emerged in the early 1900’s as a popular way to dance to jazz music, and has evolved to represent the style of dance most commonly performed to pop music. 

Hip Hop (options for high school and adult)
This class brings “street dance’ into the studio with technique and choreography centered around hip hop music and style. 

Contemporary (ages 12+)
Contemporary dance is an expressive dance style with elements of genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and ballet. This style is focused on fluid movement and dancers focus on creativity, pushing boundaries, breath and complex vs. simple movements. Dancers typically dance barefoot or in socks. 

Musical Theater (ages 12+)
The Musical Theater class is a stylistic dance class set to your favorite sounds of Broadway. The style is jazz, with an emphasis on the key techniques and expression important to stage choreography. Dancers learn how to express themselves through movement by participating in various theater and improv warm ups and exercises. Students should wear jazz shoes, and may sometimes be asked to dance in character heels. 

Pointe (by invitation only)
The pointe class is reserved for those students who take ballet consistently and have been observed and approved to be en pointe by an Amp instructor. Amp does not recommend any student under the age of 12 begin en pointe for the dancers’ safety and development. Per many orthopedists, the bones of the feet do not fully develop and harden until approximately 13-15 years old and beginning pointe too early can permanently damage immature bones.