Meet the Directors

Amp Dance Family is organized and operated by a Director Collective. There are five of us (and yes, we all dance at Amp), each contributing skills, knowledge and talent that allow the dance studio to function smoothly. We work together peacefully and value communication, not just among ourselves, but you as well. We operate as a democracy and welcome any input from our dance families.

Who are we?

April S.
I am a 21 year resident of Indianapolis, married with three kids. In my day job I work in clinical research, so what I bring to Amp as a director is an analytical background and a desire for organization, communication, and follow through. I have been dancing or performing on and off since Kindergarten (where I twirled baton and marched in parades). I danced on my high school dance team, and as an adult have danced for several years, whether it be with a local dance studio or Zumba. My youngest daughter has been dancing since before she was born (while I was pregnant with her!) and continues to dance today. I think dance can be many things for different people. While some dance to express their art or emotion, others dance for fitness or stress relief, and still others, to share in a community experience and form bonds with fellow dancers. I, like many who dance, do it for all those reasons. The dancers of Amp are all supportive and encouraging of each other, and I love that!
Fun fact: I can write backward, in cursive, perfectly legibly (when held to a mirror).

Ashley S.
I was born and raised in Indiana, am happily married, and we’re both proud Butler graduates (go Dawgs!) As a PR/communications professional I value the importance of clear communication and, along with the other directors, aim to make sure that is a priority for Amp Dance Family. I also serve as Board President for Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective (IMAC), a non-profit that believes any body can dance. I started dancing when I was six, taking tap, jazz and clogging. I danced for my high school color guard/dance team, the Devilettes, and then also danced for one year on Butler University’s dance team. I started dancing with Miss Vickie, of the former Accented Motions Studio, just a couple of years out of college, 11 years ago! Growing up I thought of dance as a hobby, but when I stopped dancing after college, I felt the loss immensely. I knew I needed to find a space where I could enjoy the beauty of dance and continue to grow as a dancer, but I never expected to also find so many close friendships that I value beyond words. Being able to share something that brings me such peace and happiness with women who are supportive and genuinely kind has been a true gift. Dance makes me feel beautiful and light, while also positively encouraging me to try harder and push myself to do better. It’s a perfect balance of awareness and freedom and I can’t live without it.
Fun Fact: I had the privilege of attending a workshop where I learned choreography from both Mia Michaels and Tyce Diorio (from So You Think You Can Dance) as well as Chucky Klapow (choreographer for High School Musical movie series).

Erin C.
I am an 11-year resident of Noblesville, IN. I have a daughter who is an Amp dancer as well. I am a staff accountant in my day job. 🙂 Numbers and spreadsheets are my jam, so I use those skills to ensure that we stay organized financially at Amp. I have been a dancer since Kindergarten. I have done jazz, ballet, lyrical, kickline and tap. I was on my high school’s color guard/dance team, and was captain for three years. I danced with the Cardettes at Ball State for one year. I dance to keep active. It is also a type of stress reliever for me, from the movements to the music, and relationships I have built with the other adult dancers.
Fun fact: I’m a huge Luke Bryan fan, as in the FanClub type. I’ve met him!

Selena S.
I have been married for 25 years and I have three boys (college freshman, high school senior and freshman). I am a kitchen designer. I have experience getting people connected with what they want, and I can get things organized, whether it is lists or spaces. I started dancing 7 years ago. I was a jock in high school and always wanted to dance but didn’t know how or where to do it. When my boys were in elementary school I started going to recitals of the girls we knew. I saw grown ups dancing and I thought I would give it a try! I dance because I set goals and challenge myself daily. Dance is definitely challenging to me not having a dance background!  I love to practice my recital dances and ‘get it’! I really like learning something new every week at dance. And I LOVE being around other confident women. I love the women I dance with because we cheer each other on and it feels like we are sisters!
Fun fact: After I graduated from college I moved to Florida to work at Walt Disney World as a set designer. While I was down there, I was in the Beach Boys music video “Kokomo” for the movie Cocktail.

Teresa D.
I am married, a mother of three, and was born and raised in Indy. I like to build stuff and be crafty. I am always willing to help out with construction or anything needed. My childhood consisted of tumbling and tap, with cheer and dance line briefly. I really began dancing 8 years ago with adult ballet, then later jazz and hip hop. My daughter dances with Amp and I’ve been a dance mom for 10 years. I dance because it is a place where I can recharge and the one of the few types of exercise where I do not watch the clock. Plus I love the encouraging and supportive relationships I have at dance– it’s an uncommon thing as an adult to have all of these things in one place.
Fun facts: I am a dedicated zen doodler. I can write with both hands. I like to do turns on the left.