February 2017 Newsletter

NEWSLETTER                                                          February 17th, 2017

AMP Dance Family.                  ampdancefam@gmail.com.                                317.520.2671

Hello Dancers! Welcome to the Spring Semester with AMP Dance Family! We cannot wait to get started dancing. The Incrediplex is nesting our dance family within its amazing facility and they have been most accommodating during our transition. The map below indicates the best place to park to get to the studio. Park on the North side of the building and then enter into the Fitness Center. *Membership NOT required* The door does automatically lock, but you can just wave down the front desk person, and they will happily assist.

The Incrediplex would like for all families to sign a waiver for them (in addition to the waiver you signed for AMP) and we hope to be getting those to you soon, as soon as we receive them.  😊
Once inside feel free to sit just outside the studio, or walk down to the other end of Incrediplex and check out their lounge area, bar, inflatables, and fields! The door to the other end does lock behind you. However,  if you come back on the hour, the front desk person will know to look for you. Just knock! They’ve assured me this happens often. We do ask that if you watch your dancer through the windows, please do not distract them. We know you want to see your dancer in action and we will provide an opportunity to see what they’ve learned at the end of each class!

Class Attire

Dancing requires proper technique, not only for beautiful lines, but for physical safety as well.  In order for our instructors to assess positioning and technique, it is important that dancers wear the proper attire. We require all dancers to wear ballet/jazz shoes. These are not ballet slippers that are sometimes sold in the little girls ballet section of Target as they do not offer proper support and are slippery on our floor. You can find ballet shoes locally at Payless, Kinney Dancewear, and Reflexion Dance.  All dancers must wear hair up and/or off the collar. This allows the instructor to see neck and shoulder positions!  All dancers must wear pink/tan tights or jazz pants. Our intermediate and advanced age groups need to wear leotard/athletic shirt, tights/jazz pant, proper shoes and hair up! *you may also wear a skirt or shorts etc over your tights and leotard*  

We are committed to a fun and engaging learning environment. That is why we are requiring dancers to leave their ***phones in their bags for the duration of class*** We are also asking everyone to be considerate of their bags/shoes, take the time to tidy them up to avoid potential hazards, and keep our dance environment beautiful and inspiring of movement!

We want to apologize for the mass emails that were sent out. Our email account sent us messages saying they blocked us from sending them through their spam filters and then suddenly sent all of them out. While some people received 4(!!!) emails, we were still getting others who hadn’t gotten one at all.  We sincerely hope this is no longer an issue, for your sake as well as ours. 😉

And the best news for last….

~Creative Movement Class~

We are very excited to announce the Creative Movement class! This is always a favorite at recital. Fridays at 5:15. This class will be taught by Advanced Dancers from upper grade levels. Any student or former teaching assistant  interested in teaching the 4-5 year old Creative Movement class please email us to set up an interview.  This is a great opportunity for our dancers to mentor and hone choreography skills, and for our littlest dancers to learn, grow and sparkle!

-A note for students who attended Accented Motions –

Recital theme this year *can* be the same, but we can tweak it, if need be. This will be decided on individual class basis and be at the discretion of the class and the instructor.

We want to assure you, as long time dancers of the former studio ourselves, that we will do our very best to continue the legacy while it is ours to hold. Having the recital, recognizing our seniors, celebrating our 5 and 10 year award winners, and just gathering weekly to dance and have fun, propelled us to find a solution that gets us back into our dancing shoes. There are other amazing instructors/entrepreneurs who are diligently working on setting up a space for you as well. We are very excited to hear more about their plans and fully support them in their endeavors.  

The end of the original Accented Motions has been a difficult transition for many of us. The creation of so many great opportunities for dance that have sprung forth from everyone is a testament to the kind of inspiring, creative, and all-inclusive atmosphere that our dance family was built on. It is in this legacy that AMP Dance Family will strive to accomplish as we move forward.

just keep dancing.

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